Flavors of Northern Italy

Travel by land around Northern Italy.

September 25 - October 3, 2021

Price starting at $3,995
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Land Journey with Orbridge

Verona, Selva Capuzza, Valpolicella, Marano, Malcesine, Soave, Sirmione, Mantua, Modena, Roncà, Sulzano Lago d'Iseo, Franciacorta.

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  • Join intimate cooking classes with locals who share their families’ histories and favorite recipes.
  • Take in the area’s layered history, with visits to Verona’s 2,000-year-old Roman arena and the magnificent medieval Castelvecchio Bridge.
  • Admire the panoramic beauty at captivating Lago di Garda—Italy’s largest lake.
  • Delight in a cheese-making demonstration and tasting in the heart of Lessinia, home to a delicious variety of Italian cheeses.
  • Explore the 16-century cellars of Mosnel winery and learn how painstaking attention to detail produces wines of consummate elegance and complexity. 
  • Learn more about Selva Capuzza here. 



Day 1: En route from U.S.
Day 2: Arrive in Verona, Italy / Province of Brescia (Selva Capuzza)
Day 3: Selva Capuzza / Tower of San Martino / Selva Capuzza
Day 4: Selva Capuzza / Verona / Valpolicella / Selva Capuzza
Day 5: Selva Capuzza / Marano / Malcesine / Selva Capuzza
Day 6: Selva Capuzza / Modena / Mantua / Selva Capuzza
Day 7: Selva Capuzza / Roncà / Soave / Sirmione / Selva Capuzza
Day 8: Selva Capuzza / Sulzano / Lago d'Iseo / Franciacorta / Selva Capuzza
Day 9: Selva Capuzza / Verona / Depart Verona for U.S. 



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