Fast Facts about OSUF & OSUAA

AT A GLANCE (as of June 30, 2021)


157 staff members

OSUF Board of Trustees

34 members

OSUAA Board of Directors

22 members

Total Assets

$860.1 million (6/30/20)

OSU Endowment

$819.5 million (OSUF, OSU endowments as of 6/30/21)

FY21 fundraising total

$177 million

Oregon Stater Alumni Magazine

mailed to 196,200 households worldwide


Engaged more than 40,000 donors, volunteers and event participants

CH2M Hill Alumni Center

24,000 sq. ft. of indoor and outdoor conference and event space

Affiliates and Associates

The OSU Foundation maintains a close partnership with several associated and affiliated organizations that also support the mission of OSU. While associated organizations are separately incorporated, the financial activity of both associates and affiliates flows through the OSU Foundation financial system.


Tax ID Number / Employer ID Number (EIN): 93-6022772



Our Beaver Nation

Construction Education Foundation

E.R. Jackman Board



Oregon 4-H Foundation

Trysting Tree Golf Club



Beaver Caucus