Become a Beaver Leader

Recent Alumni* are honored as Beaver Leaders at the following giving amounts: 

$500 (5-9 years after graduation)

$250 (2-4 years after graduation)

$150 (1 year after graduation)

*This applies to your first OSU degree only. For couples, this applies to the earliest degree among the spouses. 

OSU's Inner Circle of Donors

Previously called President’s Circle, Beaver Leadership Circle recognizes donors like you who give $1,000 or more to Oregon State University each academic year, and new alumni giving generously. Because your pride and passion for OSU mean so much to us, we are committed to continuing to evolve and better reflect that passion. 

The Beaver Leadership Circle is a generous community of alumni, family, friends, faculty, and staff. Together, Beaver Leaders are determined to launch the next generation forward and make a difference in the lives of OSU students.

As a Beaver Leader, you ...

  • Help OSU students succeed and pursue their desired careers.
  • Make it possible for OSU to work toward a healthier, happier, more sustainable future.
  • Transform ideas into reality and inspire others to do the same.

And, as a Beaver Leader, you will get to know other Oregon State insiders who care deeply about the future. Enjoy exclusive opportunities including the following:

  • Livestreamed conversations with university leaders and faculty experts
  • Pre-registration or discounts for Foundation events
  • Special communications about what your gifts help accomplish
  • Valley Endzone Skybox opportunities at Beaver football
Make a gift and make a difference to the OSU programs and projects that mean the most to you — from liberal arts, to athletics, to science. Become a Beaver Leader today. 

To learn more about becoming a Beaver Leader, contact Molly Moriarty Russell, the director of the Beaver Leadership Circle, at 541-737-4044. 
Exclusive Benefits for Members

Bring Oregon State to your next Zoom meeting with these downloadable backgrounds.

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OSU Days of Service

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