Alumni Fellows Conversations with OSU Influencers

The Alumni Fellows recognition program was established by the Oregon State University Alumni Association in 1988 to recognize eminent alumni. Every two years, the OSU Alumni Association recognizes new Fellows that distinguished themselves in their professions and communities, as well as thank them and celebrate them for all that they have done and will continue to do. 

Many of our alumni in Oregon live and work in the Portland-metro area, and in 2023 we are showcasing the amazing ways they have impacted the community. Beavers are known for making the unbelievable happen. Through the Alumni Fellows program, Oregon State is reaching out to Portlanders to show our gratitude and support for their great work and celebrate their success and love for the city and the state. 

Nominations are due Jan. 13, 2023. Nomination criteria listed below 2020 Fellows presentations.

2020 Alumni Fellows
The 2020 Alumni Fellows include inspiring storytellers and scientists recording the world through research and art. Passionate mentors and educators opening doors for all learners and business leaders who care for their communities as well as their organizations. Health professionals and conservationists safeguarding the future of humans and the natural world. A powerful slate of diverse women reaching great heights. They proudly carry their cultures and backgrounds into their work and are better leaders for it.

Learn about each one of our 2020 Alumni Fellows by viewing their presentations below. These presentations and the panel discussion were recorded the week of Oct. 19, 2020.  If you have questions for one of our Fellows or the Alumni Fellows recognition program in general, please contact


Cristina Eisenberg, Ph.D. '12

Principal investigator for the FBIC Native Seed and Prairie Restoration Program, as well as for two major on-the-ground projects with First Nations and Native American communities, Eisenberg who is Native American and Latina integrates Traditional Ecological Knowledge into environmental restoration practices. The Smithsonian Institution research associate and former Earthwatch Institute chief scientist shares her expertise on numerous international ecological restoration boards and working groups. She earned a College of Forestry Outstanding Alumna Award in 2019. 

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Ric Campo, '76

Ric Campo is admired for his success in large-scale residential real estate and his long track record of generosity and service to his employees, customers and community,  He is co-founder, chairman and CEO of Camden Property Trust, one of the largest operations of its kind. Campo also led the successful effort to bring the 2017 Super Bowl to Houston, and he currently serves as chairman of the Port of Houston Authority. Camden Property Trust was one of the first companies in the nation to respond to the COVID-19 crisis with major corporate generosity, creating the Camden Cares Resident Relief Program to provide $10.5 million in financial relief to their residents who have lost income during the pandemic.

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Betty Hutchinson Flad, '67

Flad served as director of administrative licensure for Lewis & Clark College in Portland, following nearly four decades of tireless leadership as a teacher, principal, administrator and consultant in the Beaverton School District.  Currently, she creates pathways for prepared and impassioned future educators as a cornerstone supporter of OSU’s Teach for Beaverton district partnership program and as a member of the Alumni and Friends Leadership Circle in the OSU College of Education.

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Dr. Eva Galvez, '99

Galvez is a family physician at the Virginia Garcia Memorial Health Center. The daughter of immigrants, she and her twin sister, Olivia, graduated from OSU’s biology program and went on to pursue careers in medicine. Galvez regularly speaks on panels to educate the public around Latino health disparities. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Galvez became a vocal advocate for mitigating health risks for Oregon’s seasonal farm workers and has addressed the Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Crisis in the House of Representatives.

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Rebecca Hernandez, Ph.D. '05

Hernandez has transformed the student experience and elevated multicultural awareness in her role as associate provost, local and global engagement and chief diversity officer at George Fox University in Newberg and in her prior role at Goshen College, where she led the Center for Intercultural Teaching and Learning for four years. Before supporting diverse scholars in higher education, she worked in community development, directing efforts to improve health, education and economic support for Oregon’s Latino communities.

To learn a little more about Rebecca Hernandez, view this interview by Casey Farm, Director of Alumni Relations for the College of Public Health and Human Sciences. 

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Christopher Johns, '74

Renowned photojournalist and award-winning former editor-in-chief of National Geographic magazine, Johns now serves as a strategic advisor to the National Geographic Society. He is a member of the advisory board for the Oregon Stater magazine and in the upcoming year will support OSU journalism students through mentorship experiences and classroom collaborations.

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Dr. SreyRam Kuy, '00

Accomplished surgeon and deputy chief medical officer for quality and safety with the VISN 16 South Central VA Health Care Network, Kuy is widely recognized as an international leader in health care policy and management. She was the first woman appointed to be deputy undersecretary for community care in the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs and in 2019 was one of just 21 healthcare leaders to earn an Aspen Institute Health Innovators Fellowship.

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Margaret Hiza Redsteer, Ph.D. '99

Redsteer is an internationally known climate change scientist, conservationist, and an important voice for culturally competent science. As a professor at University of Washington Bothell, Redsteer inspires young scientists in environment, climate change adaptation and Earth systems sciences. She previously led a 20-year career with the U.S. Geological Survey addressing environmental issues, particularly on tribal lands.

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Scott Williams, '74

Williams, chairman of Hamilton Construction and staple in Oregon’s transportation industry, was inducted to the OSU College of Engineering’s Academy of Distinguished Engineers in 2006. For over a decade, he has served on the Board of Directors for the OSU Construction Education Foundation and been active in local and national chapters of the Associated General Contractors of America.

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Julianne Wood-Rethwill, '75

During an accomplished 30-year career in senior management, Wood-Rethwill led product and technology research, new business development and international marketing for a diverse product span, including managing the team that developed Splenda granular, packet and table consumer products. She retired as Director of New Business Development for one of the Johnson & Johnson family of companies. She is current chair of the OSU Food Science and Technology Advisory Board.

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Alumni Fellows Recognition Program Requirements

Established by the Oregon State University Alumni Association in 1988 for the purpose of recognizing some of our most eminent alumni. These alumni have distinguished themselves in career or community. Through the Alumni Fellows Program the honorees have the opportunity to share their expertise and experiences with the university community.

Many of our alumni in Oregon live and work in the Portland-metro area, and this year we are showcasing the amazing ways they have impacted the community. Beavers are known for making the unbelievable happen. This program is an opportunity for Oregon State to reach out to Portlanders and show our gratitude and support for their great work and celebrate their success and love for the city and the state.


Eligibility Considerations

Portland-area Alumni Fellows Selection Criteria:

  1. Any alumni of Oregon State University that is not a current OSU, OSU Foundation or OSU Alumni Association employee. 
  2. Exceptional achievements in career or volunteer activities that bring honor not only to Oregon State University, but also directly impacts communities within the Portland-Metro area. 
  3. Ability to participate in a podcast and an online Zoom presentation to the university community and friends of OSU. Alumni Fellows may be asked to visit campus for additional engagement opportunities, such as visits with students, college deans and OSU/OSU Alumni Association/OSU Foundation leadership. 
  4. In addition, please highlight how your nominee’s service and accomplishments relate to one or more of the following areas:
    • Supported and/or activated change within industry and/or local community in respect to diversity, equity, inclusion and social justice.
    • Supported engagement activities designed to strengthen the OSU community in the Portland-Metro area and/or helped cultivate stewardship and donations for the university. 
    • Supported governmental and community advocacy efforts for Oregon State University, OSU Alumni Association and/or OSU Foundation’s education efforts, research and programs.
    • Supported OSU students and graduates with career advice and connections to alumni, donors and friends and/or provided their career expertise to university leadership, faculty and staff.


Those Ineligible For Nominations

  1. A candidate or anyone currently serving for any public office.
  2. One currently serving as a member of the OSU Alumni Association Board of Directors, the OSU Foundation Board of Trustees or the Oregon State University Board of Trustees
  3. Any current Oregon State University, OSU Alumni Association or OSU Foundation employee.

Nominations - Due Jan. 13, 2023

Please submit the following nomination materials via email to by Jan. 13, 2023 with subject heading: Alumni Fellows Nomination. 

  1. Letter from the nominating body showcasing the reason for the nomination and addressing the criteria. For a nomination from Oregon State University, please include a letter of support from dean’s office, including the college’s reason for nominating the individual and addressing the criteria. 
  2. Current resume or vitae.
  3. Any supporting documents, such as new articles or letters of recommendation and support that address the criteria.  
  4. Name and contact information of the nominee and who is submitting the nomination. 


Announcement of 2023 Alumni Fellows

  1. Alumni Fellows will be required to participate in one podcast and one online Zoom presentation. 
  2. The OSU Alumni Association will notify the nominator if their nomination was selected as an Alumni Fellow. 
  3. The executive director of alumni relations will inform the recipient that they have been selected as a Fellow and will confirm availability to participate in the podcast and online presentation.  
  4. The OSU Alumni Association will then notify the college or nominator when the recipient has agreed to being a Fellow. 





Agricultural Sciences
1988 - Ernest Jaworski
1989 - Keith McKennon
1991 - Larry McKay
2000 - James Oldfield
2004 - Bill and Karla Chambers
2005 - Roy Saigo
2006 - Gretchen Schuette
2007 - William Sandine
2009 - Carl Casale
2011 - James T. Martin
2013 - James E. Womack
2016 - Hiram Larew
2020 - Julianne Wood-Rethwill

1989 - James Coleman
1990 - Stanley Hong
1991 - Ben Whiteley
1998 - Bernard Newcomb
2002 - Duane McDougall
2003 - Mike Rich
2006 - Ken Thrasher
2008 - John Gray
2010 - Stephen M. Bailey
2012 - Gayle Fitzpatrick
2015 - Tom Toomey
2020 - Ric Campo

2007 - Jerry Colonna
2009 - Mary Spilde
2011 - Erin Prince
2013 - Sandra Henderson
2016 - Eric Meslow
2018 - Camille Preus
2020 - Betty Hutchinson Flad

1990 - Andrew Smith
1993 - Arthur Hitsman
2001 - Peter Johnson
2001 - Gregory Merten
2002 - Jeffery D. Peace
2003 - Don Pettit
2005 - Jen-Hsun Huang
2006 - Jay McQuillen, Jr.
2010 - Walter G. Kortschak
2015 - Tom Skoro
2018 - Randy McCourt
2020 - Scott Williams

1988 - James Overbay
1998 - Pamela Matson
2007 - Jaime A. Pinkham
2009 - Steven Running
2011 - William Lange
2013 - Martin Goebel
2020 - Cristina Eisenberg, Ph.D

Public Health and Human Sciences
1989 - Katherine Smith
1994 - Soo-Jae Moon
1997 - Jean Thomas
2004 - Dr. Ann Streissguth
2006 - Susan Parker
2008 - Leila Keltner
2010 - Margaret L. Carter
2012 - Celia Austin
2015 - Dave Underriner
2018 - Jeremiah J. Allen
2020 - Rebecca Hernandez, Ph.D

Honors College
2009 - Ruth Beyer
2011 - Daniel D. Euhus
2013 - Carol Hill Pickard
2016 - Andrew Bartmess
2018 - Jeremy Cutsforth-Gregory
2020 - Dr. SreyRam Kuy

Liberal Arts
1991 - Harley Jessup
1992 - Chris Anderson
1993 - Norman Monroe
1994 - William Krippaehne
1995 - Jennifer Dorn
1996 - Larry Kirkland
1999 - Rod Chandler
1999 - Rebecca Parker
2005 - James “Jim” Wiggett
2006 - Michael Chamness
2010 - Jonathan Isaacs
2012 - Roosevelt Credit
2015 - Mary Carlin Yates
2018 - Angela Snow
2020 - Christopher Johns

Earth, Oceanic & Atmospheric Sciences

1995 - John McGowan
2008 - Margaret Leinen
2010 - Richard W. Spinrad
2012 - Ellen Bishop
2015 - Laura Anderson
2018 - Ian Madin
2020 - Margaret Hiza Redsteer, Ph.D.

1992 - Steven Oliva
1997 - Stephen Roath
2006 - Sara White
2008 - Robin Richardson
2010 - Kim L. Brouwer
2012 - Shelton Louie
2015 - Penny Reher

1988 - James Bowen
1989 - Warren Washington
1992 - Kenneth Evenson
1993 - Leslie Gottlieb
1994 - Robert Coleman
1995 - Steven Lindow
1996 - Roy Teranishi
1997 - Karl Drlica
1998 - James Reinmuth
1999 - Janet Ford
2000 - Peggy Cherng
2001 - Zelma Long
2002 - Jon DeVaan
2003 - David Wong
2004 - Barry Willis
2009 - Rusty Gorman
2011 - Duane Nellis
2013 - Jack R. Borsting
2016 - Kent Thornburg
2018 - Marian Waterman
2020 - Dr. Eva Galvez

Veterinary Medicine
2000 - Scott Campbell
2007 - Helen Diggs
2009 - Bruce Mueller
2011 - Joseph H. Snyder
2013 - Debra Nelson
2016 - Kris Otteman
2018 - Connie White