Endowed and Named Faculty Support Funds

Endowed and named faculty support funds provide reliable and lasting support for generation after generation of faculty. These gifts honor nationally and internationally known scholars, educators, researchers and leaders in their fields – empowering them to undertake groundbreaking research, develop exceptional learning opportunities for students and forge new paths in their field.

Oregon State University, in partnership with the OSU Foundation, offers ways for donors to enhance their impact: through the Provost’s Faculty Match program, gifts for endowed faculty funds can leverage matching funds for the college or unit where the position is based.

Read the stories below to learn about the 150+ endowed and named faculty support funds across Oregon State University, and meet the visionary donors who have created them.



College of Agricultural Sciences

Paul G. and Sandra A. Arbuthnot Professor
Baggett-Frazier Vegetable Breeder Professor
Bob and Barbara Bailey Master Gardener Professor
Terence Bradshaw Leadership Academy Professor
Emery Castle Chair in Resource and Rural Economics
Endowed Chair for Marine Mammal Research
Endowed Faculty in Whale Habitats
N.B. and Jacqueline Giustina Professor in Turf Management
Glenn and Mildred Harvey Professor
Hatfield Marine Science Center Endowed Director
George R. Hyslop Professor for Oregon Grass Seed Research and Education
Jacobs-Root Endowed Professor in Food Science and Technology
Klamath Basin Potato Endowed Faculty Scholar
Warren Kronstad Wheat Research Chair
Reub A. Long Professor
Bob and Phyllis Mace Watchable Wildlife Chair
Miner Professor of Biological and Ecological Engineering
Morrow Professor for Natural Resources Extension Education and Applied Research
Northwest Berry Production and Management Professor
Nor'Wester Professor in Fermentation Science
Richard and Betty O'Brien Professor of Extension Viticulture
Oregon Dairy Farmers Association Faculty Scholar in Dairy Production and Management
Oregon Dairy Industries - Bodyfelt Professor
Oregon Hazelnut Industry Endowed Professor
Oregon Potato Research/Extension Professor
Walther H. Ott Professor in Poultry Science
Harold E. and Leona M. Rice Professor in Systematic Entomology
Jaclyn J. Rusch Faculty Scholar in Food Science
Y. Sherry Sheng and Spike Wadsworth Master Gardener Professor
Withycombe Chair in Reproductive Physiology
James and Judith Atwood Youde Faculty Scholar

College of Engineering

Boeing Professor of Mechanical Engineering Design
Callahan Faculty Scholar in Chemical Engineering
CH2M HILL Professor in Civil Engineering
College of Engineering Dean's Professor
Cecil and Sally Drinkward Professor in Structural Engineering
Miles Lowell and Margaret Watt Edwards Distinguished Chair in Engineering
Richard and Gretchen Evans Scholar in Humanitarian Engineering
Michael and Judith Gaulke Chair in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Eric H.I. and Janice Hoffman Professor in Civil and Construction Engineering
Glenn Willis Holcomb Professor in Structural Engineering
Kearney Faculty Scholar in Civil and Construction Engineering
Kearney Dean of Engineering
James and Shirley Kuse Chair in Chemical Engineering
John and Jean Loosley Faculty Fellow
Linus Pauling Chair in Chemical Engineering
Hal Pritchett Chair in Construction Engineering Management
Scott and Carol Schaeffer Endowed Chairs
Henry W. and Janice J. Schuette Endowed Chair in Nuclear Engineering and Radiation Health Physics
Henry W. and Janice J. Schuette Professor in Nuclear Science and Engineering
Doug and Jana Tindall Civil and Construction Engineering Faculty Scholar
Tykeson Faculty Scholar in Energy Systems Engineering
Welty Faculty Fellow
James R. Welty Professor in Thermal-Fluid Sciences
Tom and Carmen West Faculty Scholar
Robert C. Wilson Faculty Scholar

College of Liberal Arts

U.G. Dubach Chair in Political Science
Thomas Hart and Mary Jones Horning Chair in the Humanities
Hundere Chair in Religion and Culture
Oregon Professor of English
Gene and Eleanor Otwell Chair for University Orchestras
Patricia Valian Reser Professor of Music
Cairns K. Smith Faculty Scholar

College of Pharmacy

Helen and Darrel Purkerson Faculty Scholar

College of Pubic Health & Human Sciences

Celia Strickland Austin and G. Kenneth Austin III Professor in Public Health and Human Sciences
Hallie Ford Director for the Center for Healthy Children and Families
IMPACT for Life Faculty Scholar
Barbara Emily Knudson Chair in Family Policy
Jo Anne Leonard Director of the Center for Healthy Aging Research
Cheryl J. Lutz Miller Professor
Moore Family Center Endowed Director
Moore Family Outreach Coordinator
Jo Anne Leonard Petersen Chair in Gerontology and Family Studies
Robert and Sara Rothschild Endowed Chair in Global Health
Katherine E. Smith Healthy Children and Families Professor

College of Science

Terence Bradshaw Chemistry Professor
Thomas P. Cavaiani Professor in Mathematics
Bert and Emelyn Christensen Professor
College of Science Faculty Scholar
Dr. Russ and Dolores Gorman Faculty Scholar
Milton Harris Chair of Materials Science
Emile F. Pernot Distinguished Professor in Microbiology
Patricia Valian Reser Faculty Scholar
Harold E. and Leona M. Rice Professor in Systematic Entomology
Stewart Chair in Gene Research
Wayne and Gladys Valley Chair in Marine Biology
Whiteley Faculty Scholar

Carlson College of Veterinary Medicine

Lois Bates Acheson Dean
Camden Professor in Radiology
Glen Pfefferkorn and Morris Wendorf Endowed Professor of Camelid Medicine

Hatfield Marine Sciences Center, Marine Mammal Insitute

Endowed Chair for Marine Mammal Research
Hatfield Marine Science Center Endowed Director
Endowed Faculty in Whale Habitats

Honors College

Margaret E. and Thomas R. Meehan University Honors College Professor

Linus Pauling Institute

Joan H. Facey Linus Pauling Institute Professor
Burgess and Elizabeth Jamieson Chair in Healthspan Research
Linus Pauling Institute Endowed Chair and Director
Ava Helen Pauling Chair
Helen P. Rumbel Professor for Healthy Aging Research
Helen P. Rumbel Professor for Cancer Prevention
Margaret W. Terrill Linus Pauling Research Innovator Faculty Scholar

Oregon 4-H

Leonard and Brenda Aplet Financial Literacy Professor
Campbell Family Small and Companion Animal Program Faculty
Emily Rynerson Cosci Benton County Professor for Environmental Education
Janice Cowan Professorship for Baker County 4-H