Believe It! 200,000+ living alumni strong

Connecting passionate OSU alumni, the OSU Alumni Association brings Beavers together all over the globe. Regional volunteer networks create opportunities for alumni to connect, meet new people, develop professional relationships and bond over their love for OSU.  


Volunteer leaders host events either in person or virtually where Beavers are invited to get together with peers in their local area. Find new ways to engage with Beaver Nation, wherever you are.



Portland is the home of over 59,922 alumni and the OSUAA is focused on harnessing the expertise and guidance of the largest market of alumni to advance the betterment of OSU through a multitude of opportunities.


Puget Sound/Seattle

Nearly 11,500 alumni in the Seattle area, volunteer leaders and regional members are dedicated to spreading the philanthropic heart of OSU through opportunities to give back to their local communities.

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Central Oregon

Central Oregon houses over 9,787 alumni who connect via local events and volunteer opportunities to advance diversity and inclusion, student success and advocacy in their local areas.

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With more than 2,505 OSU alumni in the area, meet Oregon Staters in your neighborhood, attend an event, make business connections or volunteer to increase Oregon State's presence in the Treasure Valley.

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Aloha! Hawaii is a great place to be a Beaver with over 2,455 alumni! Connect with Oregon Staters in your community, attend local events, make business and career connections or volunteer and spread the OSU love.


Washington, D.C.

OSU alumni are spread far and wide and the nation’s capital is no different with over 1,887 alumni in the area. Create change and get involved with other proud Beavers in D.C. and surrounding areas.

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Connect with over 2,723 Sacramento Beavers on Facebook.


Bay Area

Connect with over 7,104 Bay Area OSU Beavers on Facebook.


Greater Los Angeles

Connect with over 5,431 Orange County Beavers on Facebook.


San Diego

Connect with over 2,181 San Diego OSU Beavers on Facebook.


International networks

Whether you earned your degree across the world or live there now Beaver Nation is with you. Join an international alumni network by reaching out to your local alumni volunteer:


Lan Zhang, M.D. ’96
Jia Yin “Yoyo” Li, ’13,
WeChat: yoyol89_

Hong Kong:

Daniel Ying-Cheuk Tsang, ’75, MBA ’77
Jia Yin “Yoyo” Li, ’13
WeChat: yoyol89_


Pavan Thanai, '17
Munisha Parikh, '19


Mugi Nurhani, ’93:
Nurhajati Soerjohadi, ’91:
Mariana Kasim, ’91, MBA ’92:


Seung-uk Ko, '01 (president)
Jeen Kim, '11
Doo-Jae Woo, '06
Tae-Hee Kim, '09
Young-Shin Park, '97
Sungwon Shin, '06

Learn more at

Saudi Arabia

Abdullah Alsalman, ’21


Michael Chi-Chang Liu, Ph.D. ’12:


Nontapat Nimityongskul, Ph.D. ’11:



For questions or to get involved in your region's engagement efforts, please connect with our Regional Programs Director, Mamta Chowdhury.

Mamta Chowdhury
Director, Regional Programs
OSU Alumni Association