Eileen and Norbert Hartmann Faculty Scholar

May 3, 2022

The Hartmann Faculty Scholar was established in 2021 by Eileen Hartmann, ’74, ’76, and Norbert Hartmann to support faculty in the College of Science. Their planned estate gift also benefits scholarships in OSU Baseball and Women’s Basketball, Polk County 4-H and programs in the College of Science.

Eileen and Norbert Hartmann are longtime supporters of Oregon 4-H, particularly in Polk County. Norbert has served two terms as president of the Oregon 4-H Foundation, and Eileen has served as treasurer of the Oregon 4-H Center Board of Directors.

Prior to his work at Hewlett Packard as a product engineering manager, Norbert was a faculty member in OSU’s Department of Statistics and was later a research statistician with the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife. Eileen is a retired certified public accountant and two-time graduate of OSU with a master’s degree in statistics as well as a bachelor’s in accounting. The couple met at OSU’s College of Science, while Norbert was a faculty member and Eileen was in graduate school. Eileen has also served on the OSU College of Science’s Advisory Board.


Current Faculty Holder

Jonathan Kujawa
Jonathan Kujawa