Alumni Career Volunteer Opportunities

Providing service to your Beaver community can help give you an edge on other candidates by providing you real-life examples for interviews and applications.


Career Ambassadors

Alumni Career Ambassadors are alumni or friends of the university who are invested in the career growth and development of Oregon State alumni and students. They help others with career goals, whether it's giving advice, connecting to someone they know or sharing about their experience in their industry or region. If you are interested in volunteering as an Alumni Career Ambassador, please apply here.

To gain advice from current career ambassadors, join OSU Connections and start engaging.


Volunteer with the OSUAA and Career Programming

If you would like to learn more about how to become a volunteer with the OSUAA and career programming, check out our opportunities and share your interest.


Professional Organizations

Pro-tip for volunteering outside of OSU: Join a professional organization in your field and contact them to learn how to volunteer or meet new people. Professional organizations often have leadership teams that could serve as mentors or connect you with a potential mentor.