2024 Appointees: Endowed & Named Positions

OSU’s 180+ endowed and named faculty support funds honor nationally and internationally known scholars, educators and researchers at OSU. Meet new position appointees in 2023-24 and learn about the visionary donors who empower them to create exciting learning opportunities for students, advance groundbreaking research and forge new paths in their field.





Headshot of Meghna Babbar-Sebens

Meghna Babbar-Sebens

Evans Family Professor in Clean Water

"I believe humans are responsible for protecting the rights of all living beings to clean and safe water. "




Headshot of Andre R. Barbosa

Andre R. Barbosa

Glenn Willis Holcomb Professor in Structural Engineering

" I believe in pushing the boundaries of innovation and education in Structural Engineering for creating resilient, sustainable and cost-effective built structures that promote community well-being."




Headshot of Chih-hung Chang

Chih-hung Chang

Stephen Slavens Faculty Scholar in Chemical, Biological, and Environmental Engineering

"I believe in inspiring next-generation scientists and engineers to create transformative innovations and make advancements in global sustainability and energy initiatives via teaching and research mentoring."




Headshot of Pallavi Dhagat

Pallavi Dhagat

College of Engineering Dean's Professor

“I believe that my biggest contribution as a teacher is giving opportunity and empowering my students to dream and achieve big.”




Headshot of Anne Dunn

Anne Dunn

Dr. Russ and Dolores Gorman Faculty Scholar

"I believe it is important to educate our students to think critically, provide them with research and hands-on learning experiences, and train them in the transferable skills necessary to thrive in today’s ever-changing workplace."




Headshot of Chong Fang

Chong Fang

Patricia Valian Reser Faculty Scholar in Science

"I believe curiosity drives learning and innovations, so we can discover the inner-workings of everything around us and develop them for better use."




Headshot of Naomi Fitter

Naomi T. Fitter

Kearney Faculty Scholar

"I believe technology can be used to empower people to manage their healthcare and improve their quality of life. "




Headshot of Luis-Angel Gomez-Cunya

Luis-Angel Gomez-Cunya

Beavers Faculty Fellow in Engineering Construction

"I believe persistence and patience are critical to achieving our objectives."




Headshot of Reem Hajjar

Reem Hajjar

Maybelle Clark Macdonald Professor of Teaching Excellence in Forestry

"I believe teaching students critical thinking and systems approaches is essential for a just and sustainable future. "




Headshot of 

Xiulei "David" Ji

Bert and Emelyn Christensen Professor

"I believe we can address grand challenges to make the world a better place by creating fundamental knowledge that goes to the textbooks."




Headshot of Margaret Krause

Margaret Krause

Warren Kronstad Wheat Research Chair

"I believe Oregon growers play a critical role in feeding the world."




Jonathan Kujawa headshot

Jonathan Kujawa

Hartmann Faculty Scholar

"I believe mathematical literacy is as important as language literacy, everyone deserves to be treated as an individual, and worthiness cannot be measured in dollars alone."




Headshot of Travis Mulliniks

Travis Mulliniks

Glenn and Mildred Harvey Professor

"I believe resilience and a mindset of embracing obstacles leads to greater success."


Headshot of May Nyman

May Nyman

Terence Bradshaw Chemistry Professor

"I believe the next generation can accomplish anything."




Headshot of Michael J. Olsen

Michael J. Olsen

CH2M HILL Professor in Civil Engineering

"I believe that geospatial information transforms the world by uniting communities to achieve a holistic view and shared vision in addressing their challenges."




Headshot of Mariapaola Riggio

Mariapaola Riggio

Richardson Chair in Wood Science and Forest Products

"I believe in harnessing wood's potential to create a more sustainable, resilient and healthy built environment."




Headshot of Suzanne Segerstrom

Suzanne C. Segerstrom

Jo Anne Leonard Petersen Chair in Gerontology and Family Studies

"I believe aging - healthy or unhealthy - comes from an interaction among the psychological, the physical and the social parts of a person."




Headshot of Mark Swanson

Mark E. Swanson

Starker Chair in Private and Family Forestry

"I believe we can forge a better relationship between society and the land with good science and good communication!"




Headshot of Yelda Turkan

Yelda Turkan

Robert C. Wilson Faculty Scholar

"I believe digital twins and AI can improve circularity in the construction industry, thus reduce its carbon footprint and impact on climate change."


Headshot of Meagan Wengrove

Meagan Wengrove

John and Jean Loosley Faculty Fellow

"I believe we can help Oregon and the Pacific Northwest adapt to the future impacts of climate change and create opportunities for students to learn and contribute to our adaptation goals."


Headshot of Dorthe Wildenschild

Dorthe Wildenschild

DeVaan Chair and Executive Director of Clean Water Technology

"I believe access to clean water is a human right."




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