How technology can help you tell your authentic story to employers

January 30, 2024

By Karla Rockhold, Director of Alumni Career Engagement, OSU Alumni Association

The integration of artificial intelligence (AI) in job applications is sparking a debate within the hiring landscape. Some job seekers are turning to ChatGPT and similar AI tools for résumé and cover letter creation, and for good reason. 

First and foremost, it’s a time saver, reducing the time it takes to write your application materials. It can also help you brainstorm which parts of your experience are the most relevant to the job or sought after by employers, using data based on industry norms and job description keywords. 

While the response from HR professionals is mixed, knowing how to use emerging AI tools could help you land the interview that gets you the job. In a new survey by Resume Builder, 7 in 10 who used tools like ChatGPT for the basis of their cover letter or résumé reported a higher response rate from prospective employers. 

The most important thing to remember? Authenticity matters, and AI is a starting point. 

While AI can provide templates and suggestions, candidates should personalize the content to reflect their unique experiences and perspectives. Consistency is key — the cover letter and résumé you share with an employer should reinforce on paper an accurate preview of the professional they’ll meet in person, not a polished façade that doesn’t align with who you are. 

As AI continues to shape the hiring process, understanding its role and using it judiciously, effectively and ethically can be a valuable skill for job seekers. 

Need résumé and cover letter support with a human touch? 

Remember that our professional development office is here to help Oregon State University alumni stand apart from the crowd! I can provide résumé reviews via our Alumni Career Resources website. Simply share your résumé as a Word document and a description of the job you’re applying for, and receive personalized feedback. 

Also, on OSU Connections, alumni have indicated that they are willing to do résumé and cover letter reviews for other alumni and students. This is a great opportunity to have your application materials reviewed by someone in the industry you’re applying for. 

Feeling up to the task and ready to explore AI tools during your next job search? Watch our free Ask Alumni On-Demand Webcast with Lisa Virtue, '03, who discusses the impact of AI-powered LinkedIn profiles.