Learning for life through Oregon State

September 5, 2023

By Karla Rockhold, Director of Alumni Career Engagement, OSU Alumni Association

Becoming a lifelong learner has a transformative impact on one’s personal and professional growth in our ever-evolving, technology-driven world where curiosity and adaptability enhance our employability and ultimately our connections with others.

Author of the book “Drive,” Dan Pink, argues that being a lifelong learner helps us remain motivated and satisfied in our lives by meeting the three psychological needs of autonomy, mastery and purpose. We also know that research has proven that education — obtained formally or informally — throughout our lives staves off cognitive decline. So, how can you utilize Oregon State University’s resources and programs regardless of time, money and location to remain a lifelong learner?

  1. Subscribe to OSU Today to learn about daily university related news stories, research and on-campus and virtual events you can attend.
  2. Audit OSU classes which are free for Oregon residents 65+ or have a nominal fee for younger participants. Not an Oregon resident? Look at colleges and universities in your area for available courses.
  3. Engage in OSU Extension Service workshops and partnerships in your county or online to gain science-based knowledge to address critical issues affecting Oregon communities and beyond.
  4. Get involved in the OSU Alumni Association programming where you can enjoy Travel Talks, Provost’s Lectures, networking groups and volunteer opportunities around the world. Signing up for the Beaver Lodge Newsletter is an excellent way to stay informed.
  5. Explore OSU’s award-winning Ecampus programs for microcredentials and certificates, graduate degrees and Continuing and Professional Education (PACE) options.
  6. Utilize the career resources found within the OSU Career Development Center and sign up for an alumni Handshake account if you want to stay up to date on in-person and virtual career events.
  7. Mentor and guide the next generation of Beavers through OSU Connections or Beaver Careers on LinkedIn. Stephen Covey’s “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People” teaches us that to truly learn something, you need to teach it.

Ready to continue your lifelong learning journey? Empower yourself by embracing continuous learning to make a meaningful impact in your industry or personal endeavors.