Thank you for joining the Beavers Unite OSUAA Membership Challenge!

We had 730 Beavers join the challenge by upgrading, joining, renewing and gifting membership with the OSU Alumni Association from Nov. 17 - 27.

What does that mean? Together, Beavers smashed every goal, including a bonus stretch goal, unlocking gifts totaling $4,000 for student and alumni programs and scholarships! That's amazing!

You make success look easy. But we know how much enthusiasm and dedication it takes! Never doubt that your passion for supporting OSU makes a difference for Oregon State students and our world.

We couldn’t have done it without you — Go Beavs!

Thank you for showing the world that when others take flight, Beavers Unite. Check out what you accomplished together.

200 members = $1,000 UNLOCKED for student scholarships

350 members = $1,000 UNLOCKED for the Basic Needs Center

500 members = $1,000 UNLOCKED for the OSUAA Excellence Fund for student and alumni programming

600 members = $1,000 BONUS UNLOCKED for student scholarships and programming


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