2023 Appointees: Endowed & Named Positions

OSU’s 160+ endowed and named faculty support funds honor nationally and internationally known scholars, educators and researchers at OSU. Meet new position appointees in 2022-23 and learn about the visionary donors who empower them to create exciting learning opportunities for students, advance groundbreaking research and forge new paths in their field.





Headshot of Matt Betts

Matthew Betts

Ruth H. Spaniol Chair of Renewable Resources

"I believe in the power of the scientific method to help conserve biodiversity while meeting human needs globally. The focus of my research is on understanding the processes that generate forest biodiversity, the ecosystem services biodiversity provides, and approaches for its conservation."




Headshot of Terrence Blackburne

Terrence Blackburne

Shirley E. Droschkey Professor

"I believe that mindset is the key to success for everything."




Headshot of Kelly Bosworth

Kelly Bosworth




Headshot of Soria Colomer

Soria Colomer

Patricia Valian Reser Faculty Scholar in Education

“I believe education is a human right.”




Headshot of Borbala Csillag

Borbala Csillag

Stirek Assistant Professor in Management

"I believe that research and teaching are mutually reinforcing; I get to see the magic of this virtuous cycle manifesting every day at work!"




Headshot of Cristina Eisenberg

Cristina Eisenberg

Maybelle Clark Macdonald Director of Tribal Initiatives in Natural Resources

"I believe that by healing the earth, we will heal ourselves, and that requires that we braid together all types of knowing."




Headshot of Elaine Fu

Elain Fu

Warwick Family Faculty Scholar

"I believe technology can be used to empower people to manage their healthcare and improve their quality of life. "




Headshot of Tiffany Garcia

Tiffany Sacra Garcia

Bob and Phyllis Mace Watchable Wildlife Chair

"I believe nature is our greatest teacher. Research on how animals cope with a changing world will guide and inspire the people who care enough to watch."




Headshot of Brian Gibbons

Brian Gibbons

Stirek Assistant Professor in Finance

"I believe we can achieve a better society and a healthier planet by harnessing the power of finance — all we need is the correct information to make decisions."




Headshot of Adrian Gombart

Adrian F. Gombart

Helen P. Rumbel Professorship in Micronutrient Research

"I believe research experiences turn knowledge consuming students into creators of new knowledge."




Headshot of Temesgen Hailemariam

Temesgen Hailemariam

N.B. and Jacqueline Giustina Professor in Forest Management

"I believe students have the ingenuity and capacity to tackle emerging issues, including climate change and sustainable development."




Headshot of Geoffrey Hollinger

Geoffrey A. Hollinger

Ron & Judy Adams Engineering Faculty Scholar

"I believe everyone should have access to STEM education because many of the greatest scientists and engineers never thought they could be one until a teacher or mentor showed them they could."




Headshot of Megumi Kawasaki

Megumi Kawasaki

Jack R. Meredith Faculty Scholar in MIME

"I believe discipline and perseverance play major roles in success. I am lucky because I have a job I love."




Headshot of David Lewis

David Lewis

Emery Castle Endowed Chair in Resource and Rural Economics

"I believe economic knowledge is essential for sustainably managing natural resources."




Headshot of Hong Liu

Hong Liu

Miner Professor of Biological and Ecological Engineering

"I believe that through innovations, it is possible to transform any form of waste into a valuable resource. "




Headshot of Scott Lukas

Scott Lukas

Northwest Berry Production and Management Professor

"I believe today's agricultural advancements create a limitless future of opportunity. "




Headshot of Ashley Meyers

Ashley Stull Meyers

Horning Chief Curator for the Patricia Valian Reser Center for the Creative Arts

"I believe investment in the arts is essential to an ecosystem of thoughtful, curious and imaginative community."




Headshot of Thandeka Ngwenyama

Thandeka Ngwenyama

Camden Faculty Scholar in Veterinary Medicine

"I believe we can better equip our learners for the complexities and nuances of the present and unknown world of tomorrow by cultivating curiosity, adaptability and kindness."




Headshot of Chris Parrish

Chris Parrish

Jim & Billie Plasker Faculty Scholar in Geomatics

"I believe geospatial innovations can reduce coastal vulnerabilities to storms and tsunamis, increase safety of marine navigation, and grow the Blue Economy."




Headshot of Malgorzata Peszynska

Malgorzata Peszynska

Joel Davis Faculty Scholar in Mathematics

"I believe in paying it forward and supporting students to choose the 'complex and challenging' rather than 'easy and simple.' "




Headshot of Catalina Segura

Catalina Segura

Fischer Family Faculty Fellow

"I believe in the importance of understanding the natural environment to ensure sustainable societies."




Headshot of Burak Sencer

Burak Sencer

Tom & Carmen West Faculty Scholar

"I believe that manufacturing is essential for a country to prosper as a whole, and OSU graduates will play a key role by developing safe, effective and efficient tools and processes for the next generations."




Headshot of Staci Simonich

Staci Simonich

Reub Long Professor

"I believe in the limitless potential of how far we can go when we strive to make tomorrow better for everyone. "




Headshot of Arijit Sinha

Arijit Sinha

JELD-WEN Chair in Wood-based Composites Science

"I believe in fostering a sustainable and resilient future through the use of innovative wood-based composites, which serve as the building blocks of affordable housing. "




Headshot of Peter Swendsen

Peter V. Swendsen

Patricia Valian Reser Chair

"I believe in OSU students finding, sharing and amplifying their voices through the arts."




Headshot of Richard Wirz

Richard Wirz

Boeing Professor

"I believe faculty have the unique opportunity to make foundational and positive impacts on humanity. Through our interaction with student researchers, these changes are sustainable and cross-generational."





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