Ask Alumni: U.S. Job Search for International Students

Discover invaluable insights for navigating the U.S. job search process with immigration attorney Kathleen Gasparian and a panel of accomplished alumni who have successfully traversed this journey.

Unlock the keys to your successful job search in a virtual Q&A for students and alumni. This engaging session promises to equip you with practical tips and firsthand experiences that will enhance your understanding of the U.S job market. 

This Ask Alumni panel is hosted by the OSU Alumni Association, Career Development Center, College of Business and Office of International Services.  


Kathleen Gasparian is the founding partner at Gasparian Spivey Immigration in New Orleans. She focuses on providing effective solutions to immigration needs, from uniting families to assisting companies and securing individual futures.

Fatuma Ali, ’17, MPP ’21, is a care coordinator with the Office of Student Life & Belonging at the University of Oregon. She is passionate about promoting equity, inclusion and social justice by addressing inequities in health and education for underrepresented communities.

Osman Dogan Yirmibesoglu, Ph.D. ’18, is a scientist and roboticist at the Boston Dynamics AI Institute. He invented a 3D silicone printer and also discovered a way to 3D print liquid metals. His current work is merging soft robotic structures with rigid robotic skeletons to create hybrid robotic technologies that can be incorporated into daily life.

Paresh Laxman Soni, M.S. ’21, is a system application engineer experienced in behavior planning, motion planning and controls. He is passionate about driving solutions in robotics and currently serves as a product operations engineer at UnitX, a Silicon Valley startup.

Abdulrahman Alodah, B.S. ’18 in Chemical Engineering, is an environmental compliance manager at NEOM in Saudi Arabia after working for SLR Consulting as a staff engineer in Oregon. 


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